Flash those pearly whites.


Your smile is a big part of the image you reflect - it's noticed before you even speak a word. If your teeth are stained or yellowed with age, they may have a negative impact on people around you and you may not realize it. Advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible to offer several whitening treatment alternatives. We will determine which type of whitening procedures will work best for your specific situation.


Empower yourself with a youthful smile. More and more Americans believe their image is important and have turned to whitening to help upgrade their appearance. Since 1997, dentists report a 300% increase in patients who request whitening treatments. Your dentist is your best resource for oral health and dental aesthetics. Ask your dentist how you can achieve the best possible smile and project the best possible image.


Your habits can affect your smile!
Tobacco use and drinking red wine, dark berry juice, coffee, tea or cola over time shows in your smile. Teeth that are stained or discolored detract from your overall appearance, while sparkling white teeth can dramatically improve your face value!

Whether your style is classically elegant or denim casual - a great smile, free of unsightly stains, improves the appearance of your teeth and adds a healthy glow to your overall appearance.